Acquisition Criteria

Titan Grove has committed equity capital to Exela Health to support its acquisition efforts. Post-closing, Dr. McCormack will leverage his expertise and experiences to add value in the appropriate role. We invest in businesses that are ENDURING in nature and are seeking platform acquisitions in North America of small-to-middle market companies in the following industries:

Specialized Healthcare Services
Diagnostics & PreventionMedical Device Manufacturing
  • Urgent Care Clinics 
  • Fertility Clinics 
  • Dermatology 
  • Allergy Treatment 
  • Endocrinology & Obesity 
  • Mental Health & Substance Abuse
  • Screening & Diagnosis
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Analytics & Treatment
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Treatment Support
  • Home Care & Monitoring
  • Specialized Device Manufacturing
  • Medical Instrument & Supply Manufacturing
  • Patient Safety Systems
  • Established OEMs
Seeking established growth practices that have a market differentiation in the practice of medicine. Key features include a reproducible business model with necessary processes, talent and industry track record
Evaluating businesses with a clearly identifiable competitive advantage and large market potential. Novel diagnostic marker development or monitoring products that improve outcomes while lowering total cost
Identifying core manufacturers that have an ability to capitalize on med-tech growth through a unique technology, know how or other assets to ensure sustainability. Optimally with a diverse set of product lines
  • Control-oriented transactions in small-to-middle market companies
  • Broad range of transactions in situations where catalysts can increase long-term value
  • Annual operating profit in the range of $2-25 million
  • Sustainable operating margins in excess of 10%

We are particularly adept at complex or difficult situations, where our permanent capital advantage, flexibility and broad capabilities can make a significant difference to our partners in enacting meaningful change in the financial or operational profile of the businesses in which we invest.